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Building Demolition, Asbestos Disposal & Decontamination

With a wealth of experience in building demolition, strip-outs and removal, you can count on Grey Removals to ensure your demolition project is completed safely and efficiently.

Buildings demolished without delay

Many building demolition projects are held up when hazardous materials like asbestos, black mould or lead-based materials are discovered part-way through demolition.

Grey Removals offer a complete solution encompassing removal and disposal of contaminants like asbestos, building demolition or strip-out, removal of waste materials, and decontamination of the site. This ensures your building demolition project is completed without delays, hassles or unexpected costs.

If you’re unsure about the presence of asbestos, ask us about independent asbestos testing before demolition work begins.

Asbestos contaminated soil remediation

Soil contaminated with asbestos can pose an ongoing risk to people and the environment, but because it is difficult to detect, asbestos soil contamination is often overlooked. Grey Removals can take samples of the soil, and organise testing through an independent accredited laboratory. If you have asbestos in your soil, Grey Removals is equipped to provide the services for safe removal and disposal of the soil found to contain asbestos.

Commercial and residential demolition contractors

We provide professional building demolition, disposal and decontamination services for commercial, industrial and residential buildings throughout the North Island.

Whether you need a warehouse torn down, an office building stripped out, or a house moved, our skilled and experienced team have the capability to do it safely. Working closely with specialist contractors, we’ll deliver the outcome you want, including retaining building materials in good condition for recycling or reclamation if required.

asbestos building

Class A

For any type or quantity of asbestos or ACM, including any amount of: friable asbestos or ACM, asbestos-contaminated dust or debris (ACD), non-friable asbestos or ACM.

Class B

For over 10 m2 (cumulatively, over the whole course of the site’s removal project) of non-friable asbestos or ACM, ACD associated with removing over 10 m2 (cumulatively, over the whole course of the site’s removal project) of non-friable asbestos or ACM.

Why choose us?

Fully Trained

With the relevant qualifications and industry training our Asbestos Surveyors are knowledgeable and thorough.

Site Safe

Our team is knowledge about asbestos and asbestos containing materials (ACM’s). Your safety is our utmost priority.

Cost Effective

Our services are fairly priced to help ensure more homes and workplaces offer safe and healthy environments.

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